US Department of Energy invest $38 million in coal updates

US Department of Energy invest $38 million in coal updates

The US government has announced $38 million in funding to update existing coal plants to improve efficiency and responsiveness to electricity demands.

Funds would be used to support technologies that are commercially deployable in the next three to five years to improve overall performance, reliability, and flexibility of the nation’s existing coal-fired power plant fleet.

Coal is used to generate 30% of America’s electricity and the funding will be used to benefit the country’s efforts to advance the coal industry under the Coal FIRST initiative.

“Utilizing all of our energy resources to ensure the reliability and resiliency of our nation’s electricity is a top priority for the Department of Energy,” said Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes. “Modernizing and advancing the existing coal fleet is imperative to this mission. By improving the efficiency of our baseload generation, we are strengthening the reliability of all our electricity generation.”

Last year US Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced the US was looking to export its clean coal technologies, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), to countries that will continue to use coal, including India and China.


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