Uniper win German gas power plant contract

Uniper win German gas power plant contract

Uniper has won the contract to build the first German gas-fired power plant in a decade, which will act as a “safety cushion” for the country that has recently increased its reliance on renewables.

The 300 mega-watt plant (MW) will be located in the southern town of Irsching and will become operational on 1st October 2022 – 11 years after Germany’s last gas-fired power plant entered service.

The new power station will act as a reserve to the country’s energy mix by providing power at short notice when the stability of the network is at risk.

“Their high flexibility makes gas power plants ideal for balancing out the increasing share of non-controllable electricity generated from wind and solar energy,” Uniper Chief Operating Officer Eckhardt Ruemmler said.

“Given the anticipated stable earnings it will generate, this project is a further step in implementing our strategy to significantly increase revenue that is not dependent on the wholesale market.”

The German energy sector has been in a state of chaos since it decided to phase out its nuclear industry by 2022 and increase it use of renewables, which has cause vast supply swings that the grid has had to manage.

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