Trump’s pro-fossil fuel stance gains momentum

Trump’s pro-fossil fuel stance gains momentum

The US this week held a side-event at the COP24 conference and declared that fossil fuels are here to stay and will help to end energy poverty in the developing world.

The event held at COP24 on Monday gave the US administration a platform to promote President Donald Trump’s pro-fossil fuel agenda, highlighting the “energy renaissance” America is experiencing with the help of technological breakthroughs.

Wells Griffith, special assistant to the president for international energy and environment, told the forum: “It is important to the overall climate discussion that we consider what’s realistic and pragmatic,” adding: “energy innovation and fossil fuels will continue to play a leading role.”

While the summit held in Poland is aimed at agreeing the fine print of the Paris agreement, the position of the Trump administration is gaining traction with a number of other fossil fuel producers, including Australia which featured on the panel.

Following the event that highlighted the importance of the role of fossil fuels and the need to make them cleaner to use, Griffith said he had been approached by a number of other nations in support of the event’s focus.

He said: “There was a lot of interest [in the event]. We had a lot of people [from other countries] reach out, some gauging interest, asking about what it was, looking to participate. We’re happy to engage in these realistic conversations about global energy systems.”

The mounting support over America’s pro-fossil fuel stance comes following a call from the US earlier this year for a global alliance of countries to encourage the use of fossil fuels in a clean and efficient way that would help developing nations “create their own energy renaissance”, allowing them to achieve economic security and economic growth.

While renewables account for just 7.6% of all electricity generation, research has proven that fossil fuels will continue to dominate the global energy mix, reinforcing the need for such a movement.

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