No-deal Brexit “hugely damaging” for North Sea

No-deal Brexit “hugely damaging” for North Sea

Scotland’s energy minister Paul Wheelhouse has said a no-deal Brexit would be “hugely damaging” to the North Sea’s oil and gas industry.

Speaking during a visit to Aberdeen, he added that forcing the UK to have to negotiate agreements with EU members through the World Trade Organisation (WTO) would be a “real mistake”.

Wheelhouse said: “Falling back on WTO would be hugely damaging for the economy and the oil and gas sector within that. We think that would be a real mistake.

“Many people don’t understand that it is a very poor arrangement for trade because we would be the only major economy in the world without a formal trade agreement with other major trading partners.

He added: “This will have a profound impact on Scotland, which of course did not even vote for leaving the EU, so it is even more acutely felt here.”

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