COP24 host Poland defends use of coal

COP24 host Poland defends use of coal

COP24 host and Polish President Andrzej Duda has told coal miners in the country that the industry will continue to play an important role in Poland.

Speaking to miners in the southern town of Brzeszcze, Duda said Poland “will continue to rely on coal. Of course, we’ll achieve an energy mix, we’ll implement our strategy, but coal remains and will remain in Poland.”

Poland is one of many nations that are heavily reliant on coal for energy and has been firm in its stance in supporting the industry with the use of new technologies that make it more efficient.

“We’re there, we’re its organisers, but we’re also there to speak the truth without taking into account political correctness, which is often driven by foreign interests and not Polish ones,” he told the miners.

However, many of the participants at COP24 are ignoring this line of argument and are instead calling for the end of fossil fuels.

During his address at the COP24 opening ceremony, Duda said: “We have been able to secure energy security and the development of industry based on efficient coal technologies.

“The use of our own natural resource, that is coal in the case of Poland, and relying our energy security on these resources is thus not contradictory to climate protection and to the progress of climate protection.”


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