EU renewables progress slows

EU renewables progress slows

The European Union has seen progress slow on renewable energy and energy efficiencies, raising questions over whether the bloc will be able to reach its 2020 and 2030 targets.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) said that rising energy consumption was to blame for the union’s slowdown in progress and could hinder its efforts.

A report from the Agency said: “With 2020 approaching, the trajectories needed to meet the national targets are becoming steeper. Increased energy consumption and persisting market barriers are hindering the uptake of renewables in several member states.”

EEA data for 2017 showed the number of countries on track to reach the 2020 targets had dropped to 20 from 25 the year before.

The report also said that the current trends would not be enough to reach the new targets set for 2030 and that more ambitious efforts would be needed to counter rising demand.

This comes as Europe struggles to get support for its shift to renewables from its poorest members who suggest such a move would create fuel poverty.

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