UK increase coal use as gas market tightens

UK increase coal use as gas market tightens

Coal fired power plants have reached a new level of profitability in the UK, making 35% of coal power stations more profitable than 50% of their gas counterparts, according to data from S&P Global Platts.

According to the data, the month-ahead clean dark spread, which refers to the profitability of power, reached £7.28 per megawatt hour (MWh), the highest since December 2017 when it reached £7.38MWh.

Recently coal output reached 7GW or 17.8pc of total supply in the UK after a price assessment that saw the price of gas rising.

This trend suggests the UK is becoming more reliant on its use of coal during spells of colder weather, when demand is higher.

Earlier this year, the UK became increasingly dependent on coal to provide baseload power and to keep Britain’s lights on, during a stormed name the “Beast from the East”, which raised further questions over the country’s war on coal as the commodity provided 23.8% of total output during the extreme weather conditions.


  1. Martin parsons

    The government should have invested in carbon capture clean coal technology and utilised millions of tons of coal we got under our feet they wil regret the decision to close down the coal industry but it is the public will pay for inflated gas prices and exstortionate nuclear subsidies.

  2. When will the powers that be acknowledge that biomass wood pellets are more polluting than the coal they replaced? This is not an off the cuff comment, it is fact. Statistics from Nottingham University experiments are proof of this.

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