Concerns raised over Scottish wind turbines

Concerns raised over Scottish wind turbines

Mountaineering groups in Scotland have called out against wind turbines following the announcement of proposals that will see turbines almost double in size.

The controversial argument over wind turbines in Scotland is set to heighten following plans to double the size of wind turbines close to the end of their lifespans.

Mountaineering Scotland has argued that the plans would have significant environmental implications for the country’s peatland, which has carbon cutting properties.

The organisation said the move would “increase the visual impact” on Scotland’s landscape and said “environmental and aesthetic impact on the landscape” should be a “key consideration”.

A spokesman for Environment Protection Scotland, John Bynorth, said: “Scotland’s peatlands have a powerful natural role to play in slowing climate change through carbon capture and everything must be done to prevent damage to this vital part of our eco-system.

“Research by scientists has also found that even the ‘wake’ from wind turbines can have an impact on air temperatures and humidity, impacting on the temperature of soil and on the surface of soil – so it’s clear that digging deeper or wider foundations in which to place bigger and more powerful windfarms will also potentially have a damaging impact on Scotland’s environment.”

According to a new report, Scotland has 3,200 operational wind turbines, with 2,300 more under construction or awaiting planning permission 0 74% of which are on peatland.

After 25 years, wind turbines need to be upgraded or replaced through a process called repowering, which causing significant disruption to peatland when foundations are refurbished or rebuilt completely elsewhere on a site. Following this turbines are increased from 100 metre to 170 metres to harness “better wind”.

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