US judge halts pipeline construction

US judge halts pipeline construction

A US judge has blocked the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the US, stating the Trump administration has “discarded” facts when it approved the project in 2017.

US President Donald Trump, who described the decision as a disgrace, and his administration will be able to appeal the decision.

The proposed pipeline would stretch 1,179 miles from Canada’s Alberta province, through Montana and South Dakota to re-join an existing pipeline in Texas.

A spokeswoman for Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi said: “Our government has always supported the Keystone XL project, and we are disappointed by this decision.”

She added that on top of the benefits it would provide for Canadian jobs, it was also important “for a successful energy export market”.

A spokeswoman for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said the decision highlights the need for Canada to explore new potential markets.

Tonya Zelinsky said: “This decision further reinforces the need for Canada to export its oil and natural gas to new global markets – ensuring fair market value for our natural resources, helping to meet growing global demand and expanding our customer base beyond the US.”

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