US to become energy exporter by 2020

US to become energy exporter by 2020

The US is projected to become a net energy exporter by 2020, according to the US energy secretary.

Speaking at an energy summit in Virginia, Rick Perry told business leaders and policymakers that the administration will use all available natural resources to expand the industry.

“We are already energy dominant now,” he said. “We’re seeing a 1-million-barrels-a-day increase from 2018 to 2019,” attributing the rise to “technology and innovation” including construction of a new “pipeline infrastructure.”

Brett Vassey, CEO of Virginia Manufacturing Association, congratulated Perry on his efforts, but believed that the US will “need to grow our capacity to remain competitive” and ensure that the government champions “the values of affordable, reliable energy.”

It comes as Perry travels through Eastern Europe in a bid to sell more coal, LNG, nuclear and cyber security services, to curb Russia’s dominance in the region.

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