UK set to provide grid with fusion power by 2030

UK set to provide grid with fusion power by 2030

UK scientists have made a major breakthrough on nuclear fusion technology that could provide unlimited clean energy.

The Tokamak reactor in Oxfordshire hit 15 million °C using a process that mimics chemical reactions that occur on the sun. Nuclear fusion is the process that involves hydrogen atoms joining to make helium, that generates high temperatures with little radiation.

Tokamak Energy is part of a cluster of fusion start-ups based in Oxfordshire which have succeeded where government initiatives have failed. The company believes that they can have demonstration devices by 2025 and could provide grid power by 2030.

If fusion power can be made commercially viable there is hope that it could provide clean and reliable baseload grid power.

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  1. Unfortunately, once the big energy companies get their hands on it, it will become every bit as expensive as it is now, or probably even more so, as they are in the business for profits, not to bring costs down for the people who depend on it.

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