Stopping Iranian oil exports is a “political bluff”

Stopping Iranian oil exports is a “political bluff”

The head of state-owned National Iranian Oil Company, Ali Kardor, has been quoted by the Tasnim news agency as saying America’s call to cut Iran’s oil exports to zero is a “political bluff”.

Officials from the US have said the country aims to cut Iranian oil exports to zero, in a bid to encourage leaders to change their behaviour in the region, with the use of sanctions that are set to take effect on 4th November.

“[US President Donald] Trump started efforts to reduce Iran’s oil exports from months ago and it’s not like we should think that he will do something special on November fourth,” Kardor said. “The president of America has done whatever he can and he knows very well that getting Iran’s oil exports to zero was a political bluff.”

The Trump administration has also been encouraging allies to follow suit by reducing Iranian oil imports, while pushing for OPEC+ to produce high volumes of oil to meet demand.

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