Further welding repairs may be needed at Flamanville

Further welding repairs may be needed at Flamanville

EDF’s flagship Flamanville nuclear power plant could need further work to its faulty weldings that have already cause delays to the project.

In July it was announced that the project would face further delays and additional costs as a result of faults in 33 of the 148 inspected fuses at the site.

The ASN has now said that 8 of the 10 inspected welds may need further repairs. The regulator said in a statement that it “invites EDF to begin preparations on possible repair work to the welds concerned”.

The ASN added: “ASN also considers that the observed discrepancies indicate a failure of the monitoring carried out by EDF on certain activities of the EPR reactor site in Flamanville. It therefore asks EDF to extend the review of the quality of equipment installed on this reactor.”

The project that was initially forecast to cost €3.3 billion and begin operation in 2012, is now set to begin commercial activity in 2020 with revised costs of €10.9 billion, according to EDF.

Famanville is one of two next generation nuclear plants in the UK to use European Pressurised Reactor technology in the UK, along with Hinkley Point, which has also been surrounded by controversy over costs and delays.

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