Trump backs Polish energy security

Trump backs Polish energy security

In a bid to counter Russia’s energy dominance over Europe, US President Donald Trump has announced an energy security partnership with Poland which will be used to encourage diversity across the European market.

During a press conference with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda who is in Washington for his first official visit to the White House, Trump said: “All across Europe, no nation should be dependent on a single foreign supplier of energy”.

“And soon, our nations will launch a high-level diplomatic exchange on energy security,” Trump added, whilst promoting the fact the US has become the world’s largest energy producer.

The two presidents said they were discussing ways in which they can work together to advance energy security with an emphasis on committing to energy diversity.

The Polish president said Russia posed the biggest threat to European energy security, which is the reason why he is looking to help the US supply natural gas to Poland and Central Europe.

According to Trump, Poland is building a natural gas pipeline that will supply US shale gas to the rest of Europe.

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