Brexit could heighten UK energy bills

Brexit could heighten UK energy bills

Power firms in the UK have said that Brexit could force energy bills up as a result of barriers to trade that would threaten to increase the costs of importing gas and electricity to and from the continent.

French energy giant EDF, Unilever and Britain’s energy industry body have grouped together to urge politicians not to impose tariffs or barriers to trade across the energy sector.

In a letter to the European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the conglomerate said tariffs on interconnectors between the UK and the bloc would be passed onto consumers.

In the letter, the group says: “Any imposition of tariff or non-tariff barriers to the flows of energy across interconnectors would increase the cost of the low-carbon transition and set back action on climate change.”

The calls come after millions of UK households have witnessed a significant rise in energy bills, due to the rising wholesale costs of electricity and gas, which has raised fears that further increases would impose serious pressure on household budgets.

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