Japanese nuclear station relying on diesel after quake

Japanese nuclear station relying on diesel after quake

A Japanese nuclear power station has been forced to turn to emergency backup power following an earthquake that struck the northern island of Hokkaido, knocking out electricity in the region.

The Tomari nuclear power plant, operated by Hokkaido Electric Power was hit by the magnitude 6.7 earthquake during the early hours or Thursday and subsequently lost power.

As a result, the station that has been suspended since the Fukushima disaster is using diesel to cool its fuel rods.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has said there have been no radiation irregularities at the plant.

According the broadcaster NHK, 100 people have been injured by the quake and 19 have been reported missing.

The event provides a stark reminder of 2011’s Fukushima disaster, when an earthquake and resulting tsunami led to a series of explosions and meltdowns at the nuclear site. Since then there has been vast opposition to nuclear power in the country, with all but seven reactors remaining closed since the shutdown of the industry following the disaster.

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