Sweden’s nuclear code of conduct could be brought to a premature end

Sweden’s nuclear code of conduct could be brought to a premature end

A 2016 accord that was established to provide stability for Sweden’s utilities for nearly thirty years could be set to be ripped up after next month’s general election.

The Sweden Democrats, which are considered favourites in some polls, have said the party would officially cancel nuclear power plant closures if they won the election, with other parties including the Christian Democrats echoing these views.

When it was introduced, the agreement ended the national debate over nuclear by providing security for the country’s six newest nuclear power plants until 2040 as well as increasing support for renewable energies.

Runar Brannlund, head of economics research at Umea University in northern Sweden, said:
“It is an empty agreement that lacks concrete details,” he added: “It doesn’t deal with how to have enough capacity when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine. But sooner or later this will become a real issue that the parties will handle, and then we will see how they act.”

It has been forecasted that from this winter, Sweden will become dependent on energy imports to meet peak demand and will see soaring power prices, especially if its Vattenfall’s Ringhals reactor closes as expected in two years time.

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