OGTC supports CCS start-ups

OGTC supports CCS start-ups

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and Deep Science Ventures have collaborated to investigate ways for the industry to operate efficiently in a low carbon world, with the aim of establishing start-up companies based on the ideas.

The initial nine months of the partnership will focus on three main areas of research interest: carbon capture and storage (CCS), greater use of automation and energy movement and batteries.

During this time the team will be based at Deep Science Ventures in London and will then host a pitching event to select two or three companies that will receive funding and go to its next Techx Pioneer incubator programme, which begins in Aberdeen in May 2019.

David Millar, the Techx director at the centre, said: “We want to provide new thinking to some of the future challenges in the industry.”

With regards to CCS, the programme will look into ways of preventing the release of carbon into the atmosphere, as well as ways of converting it into other materials.

Millar said: “One of our challenges is helping the industry to be sustainable in a low-carbon future. It is about taking different thinking and a different approach than what is out there at the moment to see if we can get better economics than are available now.”

Earlier this year, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry called for a global alliance to encourage the use of fossil fuels in a clean and efficient way, with the use of technologies such as CCS.

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