Markets rebound from US tariff announcement

Markets rebound from US tariff announcement

The UK’s FTSE 100 index has climbed 0.9pc, restoring some of the 1.3pc loss it incurred on Wednesday following the US announcement of plans for $200bn in Chinese tariffs.

This rebound is following the existing trading pattern that has been on show during previous clashes in the US-China trade dispute: sharp losses followed by consolidation.

Oil prices are also coming back up in the aftermath of their 6.9pc drop yesterday, climbing 1.5pc to $74.52 a barrel.

FTSE 250 miner Sirius Minerals has received a buy recommendation from Berenburg analysts who believe that they may be close to completing the second round of project financing for a polyhalite mine in North-East England.

UK alternative energy company AFC Energy saw its share prices rocket after reports broke that it had received its first order from Australia for a hydrogen power unit using AFC’s fuel cells.

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