Perry says coal is needed to “to keep America free”

Perry says coal is needed to “to keep America free”

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has said that supporting the US coal industry is as important to national security as the military and therefore the finances of doing so should not be an issue.

When asked about the cost of supporting the industry, Perry said: “You cannot put a dollar figure on the cost to keep America free”.

“We look at the electricity grid as every bit as important to [national security] as making sure we have the right number of ships, aircraft and personnel,” he said. “What is your freedom worth?”

Supporting the US coal industry was a key pledge made by US President Donald Trump during his election campaign and in the last 18 month he and his administration have worked hard to reverse policies from the Obama era.

The Trump administration has stated that it sees natural gas and renewable energies as vulnerable as gas pipelines can be disrupted while renewables can only produce power under the correct weather conditions.

Meanwhile Perry has highlighted the fact that nearly all military bases rely on civilian power and therefore must come from resilient and reliable sources.

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  1. I agree stop trying to shut it down.

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