Carbon capture could work for 10,000 years

Carbon capture could work for 10,000 years

In a study for Nature Communications, Scottish scientists have proved that carbon capture technologies can be used safely for up to 10,000 years to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

The research that features work from Aberdeen and Edinburgh University highlights that liquefied carbon dioxide emissions can be stored deep underground, in microscopic pores in rocks, safely for millennia.

The Nature Communications study will massively boost the world leading carbon capture and storage technology being developed in Scotland.

The research team said: “Previous research in this area had not fully accounted for the natural trapping of microscopic bubbles of carbon dioxide in rock, nor the dissolving of carbon dioxide into salty water present in the rock.”

It has been widely argued that carbon capture technologies are essential to achieving global climate achievements, such as the Paris Agreement. A study from University College London (UCL) stated that failure to back the technology could make the cost of decarbonisation ‘unfeasible’.

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