Eastern Europe cannot afford a rapid transition from coal

Eastern Europe cannot afford a rapid transition from coal

Countries across Eastern Europe have expressed plans to continue burning coal for decades to come, insisting they do not have the finances to transition to other forms of energy.

Coal producers, such as Romania which produces a quarter of its energy from coal, argue that the commodity is crucial for providing stability within energy systems and provides other financial benefits due to the low costs associated with it.

However, much of the equipment used in Romania is ageing which means investment is needed to ensure it complies with European Union pollution standards.

Sorin Boza, director for Complexul Energetic Oltenia (CEO), said: “Between 2009 and 2015, we spent €1bn ($1.2bn) to implement the European standards required by 2016, only to have an unpleasant surprise this autumn and discover more new standards will be put in place.”

Meanwhile, the White House is considering a “Clean and Advanced Fossil Alliance” to advocate for coal and natural gas technology with a list of other supportive countries, according to administration sources.

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