Cuadrilla confirms injunction against fracking protesters

Cuadrilla confirms injunction against fracking protesters

Cuadrilla Resources has secured an expanded injunction against protestors at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire, following the leaps it took towards commencing its fracking operations on a significant scale.

One court case revealed that the police had advised the firm to take the injunctions out against activists after it was shown to be effective in five other similar instances.

The major UK energy company has ambitions to become the first company to begin large-scale fracking in the UK, for which it is awaiting final consent from the government.

The interim injunction will not only prohibit trespass on the site and nearby farmland, but also the unlawful obstruction of its entrance, as well as any disruption of its suppliers.

Francis Egan, Cuadrilla’s chief executive, said: “This injunction does not restrict lawful and peaceful protest but is an important deterrence against unlawful protest.”

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