SSE to increase over 2 million energy bills by £76 per year

SSE to increase over 2 million energy bills by £76 per year

Over two million SSE customers will see a hike in their electricity and gas bills as the Big Six firm announce an average increase of 6.7% in its bills, which equates to £76 per year for the typical dual fuel consumer.

“Sustained increases in wholesale and policy costs” were to blame for the rise that will be imposed on 11th July and will affect 2.36 million customers.

The cost of renewables also had a significant impact on SSE’s decision to increase energy bills as they require “significant upfront investments which are funded through energy bills” and should be funded “more fairly through means-tested general taxation”.

Stephen Forbes, chief commercial officer of SSE Energy Services, said the company had “worked hard to withstand the increasing costs that are largely outside our control by reducing our own internal costs”.

“However, as we’ve seen with recent adjustments to Ofgem’s price caps, the cost of supplying energy is increasing and this ultimately impacts the prices we’re able to offer customers.”

The decision comes weeks after fellow Big Six firms British Gas and Scottish Power also increased household tariffs due to similar reasons.

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