Cambridgeshire wind turbine catches fire in thunderstorm

Cambridgeshire wind turbine catches fire in thunderstorm

An 89m wind turbine caught fire during recent thunderstorms in Cambridgeshire, raising questions over the reliability of the renewables sector.

The fire service that was called out at around 7.50am said parts of the turbine had fallen off and debris had been scattered around the area.

A nearby resident said: “I heard a huge bang at about 7.30am and looked out and saw the turbine on fire. At the time there was a lot of thunder and lightning”.

In times of extreme weather conditions, the UK has consistently had to turn to reliable and resilient sources of energy when renewables have not been able to produce stable levels of output.

During the cold spell that swept across Britain in March, coal was vital in providing baseload power to allow the grid to keep up with the increase in demand, producing 20% of the UK’s energy output.

Meanwhile, the UK government continues to push forward with policies focused on unreliable and intermittent renewable energy.


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