White House considering “Clean and Advanced Fossil Alliance”

White House considering “Clean and Advanced Fossil Alliance”

The Trump White House is currently considering a “Clean and Advanced Fossil Alliance” to advocate for coal and natural gas technology and exports with a list of other supportive countries, according to administration sources

The proposition comes in response to the announcement of a coalition of nations pledging to phase out coal-fired power plants at the latest UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, and brings together off the affiliation of countries that that have joined the US in supporting the use of coal.

A document obtained by E&E News said a range of stakeholders, including scientists, policy makers and innovators would take part in the alliance to “explore the vast potential of clean and advanced fossil fuels, specifically clean coal and natural gas.”

Agency chiefs were due to discuss the proposal at the White House Tuesday afternoon.

George David Banks, US President Donald Trump’s former international energy and climate aide, said French President Emmanuel Macron’s “head essentially exploded” over news that the US would help countries “access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently.”

As a result of this response, it became clear that in order to achieve a rational discussion over climate and energy, a new platform would have to be created.

The document also highlighted the lack of discussion around the role of fossil fuels in the global energy mix at key global meetings, such as the International Energy Agency, the Clean Ministerial, G-7 and G-10.

It said: “Such actions only alienate those countries seeking to utilise cheaper, more reliable and abundant sources of energy to ensure energy access and meet their individual environmental goals.”

Earlier this year at CERAWeek 2018, Energy Secretary Rick Perry called for a global alliance of countries to encourage the use of fossil fuels in a clean and efficient way that would help developing nations “create their own energy renaissance”, allowing them to achieve economic security and economic growth.


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