US leading the way in carbon capture technologies

US leading the way in carbon capture technologies

Recent legislation supported by the Trump administration has meant energy rich states, such as North Dakota, can look to become leaders in oil and clean coal production through the use of carbon capture technologies.

North Dakota, with the help of state subsidies, has become the first state to gain an EPA permit to begin the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS), which involves pumping CO2 from fossil fuel plants deep into the ground.

The state is looking to expand this technology to enhance fracking, which is becoming an increasing trend amongst states on clean coal policy.

Meanwhile, the Illinois House of Representative’s Agriculture and Conservation Committee has approved a bill for a small scale clean coal power plant to be built, which will provide 77 megawatts and will be built with private funds only.

“This is great news for Eastern Illinois. Any time we have an opportunity to bring more jobs to our region, it’s a win-win,” said State Rep. Reggie Phillips.

He added: “If we are successful, this new clean coal power plant would be the first one to operate in Illinois, a historic opportunity not only for our region, but for our state as well.”

The plant, at the abandoned Futuregen site in Eastern Illinois, would help the state meet the requirement to generate 25% of its energy using clean coal.

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