Councils wasting tens of millions on Big Six

Councils wasting tens of millions on Big Six

A recent survey has found that 95% of councils still rely on the Big Six energy suppliers, costing authorities tens of millions of pounds than if they switched to get a better deal.

While 20% of British households have switched to small supplier to get a better deal, only 3.6% of councils have done the same, according to the research commissioned by Bulb – a challenger energy company.

A market review found that the average household could save as much as 21% by switching to a new supplier, although the 2016 did note that this would be more difficult to achieve on the commercial energy market due to higher levels of competition.

A 2017 report by the Local Government Association said: “Councils must look to gain greater control over their energy spend, to insulate them from wider trends and benefit from the huge opportunities presented by new energy technologies and business models.”

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