Speyside communities short changed by EDF wind payments

Speyside communities short changed by EDF wind payments

Communities across the Speyside area in Scotland have claimed they are being short changed by £16 million by EDF Energy over the Dorenell Wind Farm being built.

Under Scottish Government guidance, communities are entitled to annual payments of £5,000 per megawatt of energy produced, however EDF are only offering £2,000 arguing that the guidance was published after the project was approved.

As a result, the £27.5 million fund expected to be raised over the wind farm’s 25-year life span could be cut to as low as £11 million.

Local communities have hit back at the energy firm and owner of the Glenfiddich Estate, where it is being built, claiming they are set to make a £1 billion profit from the turbines.

Talks are underway to resolve the dispute. However, the calls have come after EDF raised the energy bills of 1.3 million customers, last week, as a result of rising fixed costs and government policies to increase green energy.

Over 640 objections have been filed over the Dorenell plans, with Moray MSP Richard Lochhead calling for a “rethink” from the company.

He said: “It’s only right that communities in the north of Scotland, who ironically pay higher costs for energy, get their fair share of the income generated from such windfarms.

“Many communities in Scotland get £5,000 per MW in community benefit – or even more.”

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