North Sea strikes “unhelpful” for investment

North Sea strikes “unhelpful” for investment

Deirdre Michie, chief executive of Oil and Gas UK (OGUK), has said strike action on a major North Sea oilfield development could have significant implications for the much-needed investment into the region.

A dispute, between workers and employees on the £4.5 billion Mariner project, over poor working conditions resulted in an eight-hour strike on Saturday, which the Scottish government has encouraged the groups to resolve with dialogue.

One source said that over 200 people, who had been declined to work overtime on Sunday took part in an unofficial “sit-in” on the site located off the east of Shetland.

Another source, from a trade union, said a lack of accommodation had caused change in shift patterns.

A spokesman for Aker said: “We have been made aware that some workers based at the Mariner field have chosen not to work today.

“The company has received no official notification of this activity and is looking into this matter.”

Michie said: “We are aware of the unofficial action and would encourage those involved to follow the official channels available.

“However, industrial action is not helpful for our sector, which is doing all it can to attract new investment, which in turn will help secure jobs.

“We are sure all parties are looking to resolve matters as soon as possible.”

The Mariner project is forecast to produce 250 million barrels of oil during its 30-year lifespan and create 700 jobs.

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