Perry to promote the use of CCUS on India trip

Perry to promote the use of CCUS on India trip

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry will promote the use of clean coal technology during discussions with his Indian counterparts, when he travels to the subcontinent at the end of the week.

Perry said: “The technology we are seeing brought forward on clean coal, carbon capture, is starting to take off across the globe, and I think that is one of the most important things about this.”

Carbon capture utilisation and storage technology (CCUS) will be a key focus of Perry’s trip to India, which will take place next week.

“I am leaving Friday for India, we’ll be talking to them about not only their continued growth on the innovation side of things, buying U.S. technology, CCUS will be part of what we talk to them about,” Perry said in response to questions from Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D. over the Department of Energy (DOE)’s pursuit of clean coal technology.

During the session, Perry highlighted the fact the 70% of the world’s energy will be generated from fossil fuels until 2040 and that the US must promote these technologies to countries like India, who will continue to use coal.

He said: “We want it to be U.S.-based resources as often as possible, but we also want it to be as clean burning as it can be and that’s where CCUS and the technology that is ongoing at these projects like you have in your home state and we are working on in our labs.”

This comes following Rick Perry’s calls for a global alliance of countries to encourage the use of fossil fuels in a clean and efficient way.

In a meeting between President Trump of the US and Prime Minister Modi of India, the two leaders resolved to work together on “clean coal” while the latter pledged to use coal as its “mainstay” of its energy mix, as it is the cheapest and most reliable way to provide power to its growing population.


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