Rick Perry calls for global alliance to make fossil fuels cleaner

Rick Perry calls for global alliance to make fossil fuels cleaner

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has called for a global alliance of countries to encourage the use of fossil fuels in a clean and efficient way, speaking at CERAweek 2018.

Perry said during his Opening Address: “We would welcome, and help lead for that matter, a global alliance of countries willing to help make fossil fuels cleaner, rather than abandoning them.”

He described the alliance as a platform to share knowledge and technologies, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and high-emissions, low-efficiency coal (HELE) between developed and developing countries to achieve energy security and economic growth.

Perry said such an alliance would, “not only will help nations diversify their energy supply, but it will be key in achieving energy security. And from that, energy security comes prosperity, affordability, economic growth, rising opportunities, optimism and most importantly the freedom for each individual for each individual to pursue and achieve their dreams.”

Highlighting America’s energy expertise, Perry noted that “we will be exporting the same technologies that made us a clean, abundant energy and diverse producer in the first place.”

Perry said by doing this, the US “can help developing countries in Latin America, in Asia, in Africa create their own energy renaissance and harness more energy to improve the lives of their citizens. And that includes access to electricity.”

During the address, Perry also highlighted the fact that current forecasts predict that even in 2040 fossil fuels will continue to dominate the global energy mix, contributing 77% of the world’s energy use, and therefore it is important not to leave developing nations behind by refusing them the right to use their abundant natural resources.

He said it was possible to achieve a zero-emissions world without “draining the growth out of our developed nations or dooming developing nations to a future of poverty and want,” he added: “You look those people in the eye and say, sorry you can’t have electricity because we’ve decided that fossil fuels are bad”.

Perry concluded his speech by saying: “It is by embracing this new energy realism we will all move toward greater energy security and a brighter more prosperous future. Let all nations embrace it and the spirit of imagination and innovation that drives it for their own sake and for the sake of the world.”

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