Trump to champion “Clean Fossil Alliance”

Trump to champion “Clean Fossil Alliance”

In an attempt to boost the coal industry and enhance the global natural gas market, the Trump administration will promote fossil fuel technology and innovation with countries around the world, according to former White House aide George David Banks.

Prior to his resignation last week, Banks had been working on a project that encouraged the use of clean carbon technologies through a “Clean Coal Alliance”, which has now been renamed as a “Clean Fossil Alliance”.

He said: “The idea has been accepted by the administration, and what’s to be decided is the shape and form of its implementation,” Banks added: “And ‘coalition’ is a loose word. I wouldn’t read too much into what does coalition mean. I mean, maybe there’s something — and I’m just being practical here — maybe there’s a chance they make it mean something formal over time.”


The administration was scorned during the UN climate talks in Germany last year for promoting fossil fuels, but it maintained that carbon emitting energy sources would continue to be used for decades to come and that the US would play a pivotal role in ensuring it would be used in a more efficient way with the use of technologies.

The focus is on encouraging “an energy innovation and technology agenda” with an alliance that will act as meeting point to discuss the role of fossil fuels, in comparison to a body with specific goals.

Banks said: it’s about identifying an agenda that I would argue is needed because you’re not going to have that discussion in other fora because of the anti-coal agenda embraced by a lot of other countries.”

The project that is the brain child of Rick Perry and the Energy Department will focus its attention on the use of high efficiency low emission (HELE) coal plants and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Banks said the alliance was needed to counter the coalition set up between the UK and Canada which is looking to end coal fired generation without the use of CCS.

He said: “You can’t have this type of conversation in any forum where Western Europe can form an opposition bloc.”

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