CCS is becoming a political reality in the US

CCS is becoming a political reality in the US

The widespread use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is becoming more of a political reality with growing support amongst both parties in the US.

Rick Perry, US Secretary of Energy, said: “I think everybody who is in touch with reality will tell you that fossil fuels are going to continue to play a role in the future,” he added: “Our goal is to produce it more cleanly.”

Carbon capture has gained traction amongst the Democrats because of its ability to reduce carbon emissions, without putting jobs in jeopardy.

Meanwhile Republicans see the technology as vital to extracting fossil fuels in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, as championed by President Donald Trump.

A summary of the proposal states that $2.5 billion will be invested “to promote America’s energy dominance through technologies that will make our energy supply more affordable, reliable, and efficient.”

Dan Reicher, former chief of staff at the Energy Department, said the investments would reinforce the administrations incentives to promote the use of CCS.

He added: “the administration now realizes carbon capture and storage is a viable technology”.

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