Trump’s budget proposal boosts carbon capture & storage efforts

Trump’s budget proposal boosts carbon capture & storage efforts

The White House has released a budget proposal to significantly increase funding for research and development for cleaner technologies within the fossil fuel industry.

Rick Perry, US Secretary of Energy, said: “I think everybody who is in touch with reality will tell you that fossil fuels are going to continue to play a role in the future,” he added: “Our goal is to produce it more cleanly.”

A summary of the proposal states that $2.5 billion will be invested “to promote America’s energy dominance through technologies that will make our energy supply more affordable, reliable, and efficient.”

$502 million of this money will be spent on Fossil Energy R&D, which contribute to helping enhance carbon capture technologies, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Dan Reicher, former chief of staff at the Energy Department, said the investments would reinforce the administrations incentives to promote the use of CCS.

He added: “the administration now realizes carbon capture and storage is a viable technology”.

Advocates of the technology will hope the combination of the recent tax credits and investment into research and development will put CCS on a similar path to wind and solar that began years ago.

With support for carbon capture technologies from both parties, it is likely that Trump will be successful in passing legislation to support CCS and other clean carbon technologies.

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