US coal exports up 60% in 2017

US coal exports up 60% in 2017

US coal exports reached 88 million tonnes in 2017, up 60.9% from 2016, according to US consensus data.

The data shows that US coal exports were at their highest levels since 2014 last year, when demand from Europe and Asia meant 88.3 million tonnes of coal was exported from the US, largely backed by growth in seaborne prices.

According to s Platts CIF ARA assessment, thermal coal delivered to Northern Europe was priced at its highest levels since 2012 at $84.77 per tonne, while that exported to Japan was priced at $89.32 per tonne during the same year.

In December, US coal exports totaled 8.61 million tonnes, down 0.6% from November but significantly up on the same month during the previous year with an increase of 19.8%, data from the Platts NEAT index showed.

President Donald Trump’s support for the coal industry will have also had an impact on the growth of the coal industry with policies that have supported its growth, including the repealing of a number of Obama era environmental regulations that restricted the industry.

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