Poland: “Common sense” key to COP24

Poland: “Common sense” key to COP24

Poland’s chief climate negotiator has said the world must put “common sense” above climate ambitions during the COP24 summit that will be held in Katowice in December.

Tomasz Chruszczow said countries pledging to prevent the world from warming more than 1.5 degrees will not achieve anything and should therefore not be the focus of the United Nations summit at the end of the year.

Instead he said the discussions should be about energy security and ensuring power is used to help resolve issues faced in the developing world and to help their economies grow.

He said: “Instead of being driven by enthusiasm, let’s be driven by responsible common sense which is about poverty eradication, combatting hunger and security of energy supplies.” He added: “Calls for ambition bring nothing.”

Chruszczow was appointed Poland’s “high level climate champion” at last year’s UN meeting at Bonn, Germany, which means he will represent the global community and will act to encourage businesses and civil society to reduce carbon emissions.

Robert Tomaszewski, a senior energy analyst at the Polityka Insight think tank, said: “They are going to say decarbonisation is happening. We’re planning to use more natural gas, build a Baltic pipeline and import more from Norway.”

“And they will use Katowice as a platform to defend coal and say we are going to make it clean. And they will talk about forests and CO2. And everyone will be happy, the same as at COP19, five years ago in Warsaw.”

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