Trump: “We have ended the war on beautiful clean coal”

Trump: “We have ended the war on beautiful clean coal”

Last night, during his State of the Union address, US President Donald Trump declared the end of the “war against clean coal”, highlighting the dominance of the US energy market.

Over the past twelve months, the US has been a huge advocate of the use of coal to help the economies of developing nations grow and has been the spearhead for developing carbon capture technologies that reduce the emissions of this kind of energy generation.

Recently, industry experts have come out to support the White House’s planned “Clean Coal Alliance”, which is aimed at sharing carbon capture and storage (CCS) and high efficiency, low emission (HELE) technologies with countries around the world.

During his address, Trump said: “We have ended the war on American Energy — and we have ended the war on beautiful clean coal. We are now an exporter of energy to the world.”

Trump also used the occasion to reinforce how the US has achieved the goal of becoming a net energy exporter from an importer through deals with various countries, including Poland and Thailand which have helped increased the levels of US energy goods that its exports.

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