CCS included in Scottish Energy Strategy

CCS included in Scottish Energy Strategy

The Scottish Government has included carbon capture and storage (CCS) as one of its six priorities in its first ever Energy Strategy, which seeks to provide Scotland with low-carbon heat, power and transport.

CCS has the ability to bridge the gap between fossil fuel dependency and a zero carbon future, with several reports that show the economic benefits and jobs that the technology would create in Scotland.

Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) has welcomed the inclusion of CCS in the government’s priorities, although it has stated the need to highlight the contradiction in the strategy between its need to decommission infrastructure against its need to keep existing pipelines to transport captured emissions.

In a press release, the SCCS states: “We would suggest that applications for funding through the Decommissioning Challenge Fund need to be assessed against criteria that properly take into account the potential for re-use of the infrastructure, so that opportunities for repurposing are not lost because of a current lack of business case.”

“We would also like to emphasise the important role that Scotland’s oil and gas workforce will play in developing CO2 transport and storage – the skills and experience in that sector will be vital to maximising the opportunities that CCS can bring to Scotland.”

Prof Stuart Haszeldine, SCCS Director, said, “The Scottish Energy Strategy shows that, if you look at the whole picture, more and diverse actions are needed, including the capture, re-capture and secure burial of waste carbon”.

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