Japanese CCS facility reaches climate change milestone

Japanese CCS facility reaches climate change milestone

The Global CCS Institute has acknowledged the successful capture and storage of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 at Japan’s Tomakomai CCS facility.

Brad Page, CEO of the Global CCS Institute said the achievement was representative of Japan’s commitment to using the technology as a way to reach Paris climate targets.

Page said: “Since the Kyoto Protocol, Japan has implemented a comprehensive and ever-expanding CCS programme and this milestone sends another message to the world that CCS is proven, safe, and commercially applicable.”

He added: “Since its launch as Asia’s first full-cycle CCS system in 2016, the Tomakomai CCS facility has built a wealth of expertise and provided vital knowledge which positions Japan among the leaders in CCS technology internationally.”

Page said the success of the Tomakomai facility was testament to the collaboration of a range of participants, including government agencies, trade organisations, as well as academic institutions.

There are currently 17 large scale facilities in operation, 12 of which are in the US and Canada, and a further 11 facilities are in various stages of development in Asia and the Pacific region, including 8 in China.

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