Leading UK newspaper attacks Britain’s worrying energy insecurity

Leading UK newspaper attacks Britain’s worrying energy insecurity

A major British publication has highlighted the flaws of the UK’s energy mix, which has led to worrying levels of energy insecurity.

An editorial in the Daily Telegraph has called to attention the fact that the UK is closing coal-fired power plants whilst relying heavily on imported energy sources.

The editorial argued that the imported energy is likely to have been generated by coal, saying that “We are closing down coal-fired power plants while buying energy which is likely to have come from coal plants.”

It goes on to say: “The Government must build greater resilience into the system by strengthening UK energy security.”

Earlier this week the shutdown of the Forties pipeline in Scotland, that delivers 40% of UK North Sea oil and gas production, meant the UK became even more reliant on gas supplies from Europe.

However, the day after the closure of the pipeline, an explosion at a gas plant in Austria meant UK reserves were left vulnerable due to lack of supply.

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