US and Saudi Arabia to work together on clean coal technology

US and Saudi Arabia to work together on clean coal technology

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has struck an agreement with Saudi Arabia to work on clean fossil fuel projects to help burn coal more efficiently.

The deal was struck through a memorandum of understanding (MOU), during Perry’s latest trip to Saudi Arabia, in an agreement to advance technologies that allow coal to be burnt more cleanly.

The agreement will help Saud Arabia meet its “Vision 2030”, an economic division plan created to diversify the country’s economy after the country’s budget was slashed by low crude oil prices that had significant implications for the oil dependent nation.

Perry said: “Together through the development of clean energy technologies our two countries can lead the world in promoting economic growth and energy production in an environmentally responsible way.”

One of the technologies included in the MOU is carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), which removes the carbon dioxide generated from burning coal or natural gases and uses it for other tasks, such as extracting oil from older oil wells. This is a technology that also received backing from the previous US administration.

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