Renewables at risk in Scotland

Renewables at risk in Scotland

Scotland may have to look towards an energy mix focused on the use of fossil fuels, as its renewable industry is left exposed to Brexit and Treasury cuts to green subsidies.

The growth of the sector is heavily dependent on government support. However, as the UK Treasury cut green subsidies to protect consumers against growing energy bills and Britain distances itself from the European Union prior to Brexit, the renewable energy sector looks to be in an increasingly vulnerable position.

By removing green subsidies from energy bills, group chief executive of Centrica, Iain Conn, believes an average of £200 would be cut from consumer bills, which reflects the vast cost of renewable energies.

Meanwhile, Professor Peter Cameron of Dundee University has said the renewable industry faces a “real crisis” if uncertainty over Brexit continues, due to the relationships the industry has with EU markets which it will no longer have access to.

With an energy mix that focuses on more reliable energy sources, Scotland can look to improve its energy security, which earlier this year posed a “severe risk” to the UK.

Rising energy costs have come under fire from advocates for business groups and household consumers, with green subsidies cited as a major contributing factor to Britain having some of the highest energy bills in Europe.

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