Spanish govt act to keep coal power stations running

Spanish govt act to keep coal power stations running

Last week, the Spanish government announced it would seek a veto vote on the closure of coal power plants to ensure energy security for the country.

This comes after the announcement that two of Endesa’s coal power plants in Spain would close down. Following this decision, the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda said it would form a regulatory instrument that would allow the government to intervene in a company’s decision to close a large combustion plant.

The proposed instrument was subject to a public consultation procedure which concluded on 15th September and is now awaiting feedback from the national Expert Committee on Energy Transition.

The reason given by government on why such a body would be needed, was to preserve the country’s security of supply.

Spain’s decision to maintain its coal industry comes as the Trump administration in the US has backed its own coal power stations, by introducing new regulations over power pricing. The proposed legislation will reward electricity producers that can maintain 90 days’ worth of supplies to ensure there are continuous provisions.

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