Teesside CCS project gets endorsement from European Commission

Teesside CCS project gets endorsement from European Commission

European officials have given their support to the Teesside Collective organisation, which is working to ensure the Northeast is at the forefront of cleaner air technology.

Proposals from Teesside Collective to build a transportation and storage network to store CO2 from across Europe have been approved as a European Project of Common Interest (PCI), a status that recognises the importance of the project on the UK and Europe.

PCI approval also means the organisation can apply for funding from the Connecting Europe Fund to develop its proposed Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) network.

Simon Clarke, MP for Middlesbrough South and east Cleveland, said: “CCS represents a huge opportunity for Teesside, curbing our carbon emissions while creating thousands of jobs.”

The Teesside Collective has also gained recognition from the UK government’s Industrial Strategy, that was published today.

The report states: “Our new Local Energy Programme will support areas to develop their capability and capacity to realise energy opportunities – such as the Teesside Collective, a grouping of multi-national industrial companies, which are developing proposals for a cluster using carbon capture, usage and storage.”

As Teesside Collective develops, CCUS will gain increasing levels of attention and support across the country and within Westminster.

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