UK coal powering France

UK coal powering France

France is importing coal power from Britain as temperatures plummet.

There are currently 19 nuclear reactors offline in France, partly due to safety checks taking place across the system.

One of the largest power stations in France, Tricastin, was recently closed by the French regulator to address flood risks, accounting for 4 of the 19 reactors currently out of action.

Uniper, the German energy company that runs Ratcliffe coal power station in Nottinghamshire, said: “Over the past few weeks, the French power market has seen relatively higher power prices compared to Britain. One of the impacts of this is that flows on the Britain-France interconnector have seen more of a flow to France than to Britain”.

According to data from MyGridGB, power through the interconnector was flowing almost exclusively towards France as it struggles to produce enough energy through its power stations.

Iain Staffell, lecturer in sustainable energy at Imperial College, said: “In short, coal usage has shot up in the last two weeks, both because we are now exporting to France and because demand is growing as it gets colder.”

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