Energy leaders concerned over closing storage facilities

Energy leaders concerned over closing storage facilities

The UK’s largest energy users have written to the government to address energy security following the closure of the biggest storage site in the country.

In a letter to energy secretary, Greg Clark, leaders of trade associations asked the government to reassess its energy supply crunching due to the risk it poses to prices, which are expected to rise if put in place.

The letter, signed by the Major Energy Users Council and Energy & Utilities Alliance, highlights the threat that Brexit poses to rely on imported supplies from other members of the European Union.

Last month the EU introduced a “solidarity mechanism”, that prevents members suffering from shortages in energy supplies.

Renewable power is still too intermittent to be relied upon to provide a consist baseload of power for the economy, many experts believe.

The energy consultancy, Wood Mackenzie warned that closing excess capacity of energy supplies would lead to, “politically unacceptably high winter prices in the event of an exceptionally cold winter”.

The price of importing fuel and the cost of renewable subsidies has already driven up costs for consumers on both an industrial and domestic level. EDF Energy recently announced it was raising customers’ bills for the second time in 2017 as have four others from the ‘big six’ energy companies.

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