IEA: Coal on the rise in South-East Asia

IEA: Coal on the rise in South-East Asia

According to a new International Energy Agency (IEA) report, South-East Asia is expected to see significant growth in coal consumption over the next two decades.

In its World Energy Outlook 2017, released on Tuesday, the IEA said the amount of coal used in South-East Asia’s power mix will grow to 40% in 2040, up from the current rate of 35%.

The reason for this is due to the availability and cost effectiveness of coal, which means economies such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan, that are rapidly developing and price sensitive, are likely to turn to coal to fulfil their energy demands.

The report comes as government data shows that Chinese coal output in October has risen from a year earlier. Last month, the country produced 283.54 million tonnes of coal, up 1.5% from the previous year, as production is set to increase during the winter heating season between 15th November to 15th March.

In its report, the IEA said: “Southeast Asia, together with India and other developing economies in Asia, is the primary growth centre of coal demand in the world”.

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