Rick Perry co-chairs IEA summit on use of CCUS

Rick Perry co-chairs IEA summit on use of CCUS

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Dr Fatih Birol co-chaired a prominent International Energy Agency (IEA) summit in support for a renewed effort to encourage investment in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

CCUS technologies present opportunities to significantly reduce emissions across the industry, whilst also safeguarding energy security and investment into existing infrastructure.

The high level meeting, that was attended by ministers and other top government officials from around the world, as well as CEOs and senior executives from the industry, represents the increasing global support for the use of CCUS to meet global energy and climate goals.

“Today’s summit at the IEA provided a unique opportunity to gather with my counterparts and industry leaders to discuss the future of CCUS,” said Secretary Perry. “While we come from different corners of the world, we can all agree that innovation, research, and development for CCUS technologies can help us achieve our common economic and environmental goals.”

Dr Birol, the IEA Executive Director, said: “This is the highest level of industry and government engagement that we have seen on CCUS. Global energy leaders recognise that urgent action is needed to support this essential technology and are demonstrating their preparedness to work together to achieve this.”

The summit follows the announcement that the US will promote the use of coal, natural gas and nuclear at a United Nationals global warming conference with the use of CCUS technologies.

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