OGCI meet to discuss outcomes of third annual report

OGCI meet to discuss outcomes of third annual report

CEOs from Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) have met to discuss the key outcomes of OGCI’s third annual report with key climate and energy leaders.

The report, Catalyst for Change, looks at way at reducing carbon emissions through investment into technologies that would be most effective, such as carbon capture and utilisation storage (CCUS).

The OGCI is made up of ten major oil and gas companies committed to the climate change ambitions set out by the Paris Agreement.

Climate and energy leaders – representing government, NGOs and international organisations – also joined the discussion at the event held in London, which highlighted the importance of the role CCUS has in helping achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.




The panel included Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), who said he is sceptical of solely relying on carbon pricing as a means to achieve these goals.


OGCI investment was announced for two CCUS projects at the event.


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